Primary school engineering…

Everytime I catch hold of an engineering text-book to study it, I have a feeling- “This subject is good! How can these teachers make it so boring!” And this is the story with almost every friend of mine, studying in the best engineering colleges all across the country. Many teachers we come across are either too demotivated to try something new, or are too unwilling to learn the subject along with us. It is a fact, that our country terribly lacks teachers, and those who become one are either too lazy to work, or are not fit for any better job. Very few are here for the right cause.

We are engineers. It is ‘us’ who have invented for centuries, and built this beautiful world! How can they bind, and literally blackmail us with marks and attendance for 4 years! And it is not just their fault. The students and their parents are equally responsible! They beg and cry for marks, since they have nothing better to do! The lab exams are all about mugging up pages of codes, and vomiting it in the lab. We are loaded with assignments, which we generally copy without understanding a word. We have teachers who teach us like primary kids. Teachers and students often indulge in cheap politics of favoritism and partiality. We don’t protest and they don’t care!

It is high time our teachers start tapping our energy instead of wasting our times! Stop pampering us, or treating us like kids! Engineering, or any other form of higher education is not an upgraded version of mugging ‘twinkle twinkle’ and reciting them for marks. We have brains, and we are up for real-time challenges, and we will take them up, no matter what you or our parents say! Afterall we are building a nation- your support is completely incidental!


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