A chance we can’t miss

As I sign off my life as an engineering college student, I think that this article is inevitable. I recently spoke my heart out on the responsibility of colleges in India. I believe that a major part of the problems Engineering colleges faces, lies with the students, but the change needs to brought at the administration level as well.

After the Sixth Pay Commission, a professor earns Rs 80,000 a month. This would help change the attitude teachers who are struggling due to lack of decent salary. This will also motivate many of us to become quality teachers. With these cyclic reactions, the knowledge imparted to the student will also increase. With these educational reforms at doorstep, the first thing that should be done is make the colleges more accountable. Let the committee to choose the top shots of VTU and other universities be monitored by the Supreme Court, since such a huge set of colleges are under it. Only then there would be more transparency within the system.

Furthermore, more continuity and independence should be given to the university heads so that they can implement policies without hindrance. The courses should be more interactive, and not just theoretical in nature. The emphasis should be not on how much you memorise, but on how much you apply what you realize and learn. Courses should be based on the broader outlook on life, not the narrow mindset of passing an exam. With good teachers, transparent administration and keen students, we can dream of a bright future for masses. This is the bandwagon we can’t afford to miss.


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