Sports, politics and reforms

Recently, the union sports minister mooted a proposal that the heads of different sports bodies of our country should have a fixed tenure of 12 years. This was immediately followed by a big halla by the existing heads of these bodies. The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) president commented- “If the IOC imposes sanctions, it can bring to a standstill all sports activity in the country.” As if the ‘sports activity’ of India was ‘moving’ all these years! 😀

He recently in an interview claimed that “Sports bodies of India don’t need any reforms”. He also claimed that the IOA would reject the guidelines and resist any attempt by the government to encroach on its autonomy and that of the federations! He was backed up by his colleagues, who happen to be long time politicians and hardly have anything to do with sports.

Did he use the word autonomy? Its high time they must be reminded that their association runs on tax payers money, and not on the money these politicians pay from their pockets! He and his colleagues (of archery association, judo association, football federation, etc etc) should be ashamed of themselves for the present condition of sports in the country. And after all this mess, what does the country get- their threats!


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