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Women power in CWG

I am not a great fan of Commonwealth games, since it is a living legacy of organizing games in glory of the queen of England. Can’t believe we still continue it. Anyways, we organized the games pretty well in India. The only thing that worked our way in organizing the event successfully was that we Indians did what we are the best at- ‘jugaad’. We arranged for things in the last minute and still ensured that things go well. Continue reading

A day in the Commonwealth fiasco

I feel very ashamed of the way things have turned out with the CWG. I can stand up and blame many politicians and bureaucrats for it, but I really don’t want to do what these news channels have already overdone. Yesterday, I tracked the turn of events in the CWG fiasco. Exams start in my college today, and as usual, all I did yesterday was browse one of my favourite news source- The Hindu. Continue reading

“I want my country back!”- Anand

In the recent International Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad, inaugurated by Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Viswanathan Anand was invited to play chess with 40 other mathematicians. The ICM also decided to honour Anand with a doctorate. Continue reading

Autobiography of a strike bowler

This is my 200 post, and like every milestone, here is another lousy humour attempt by the greatest cricketer world has met till date- Continue reading

Sports, politics and reforms

Recently, the union sports minister mooted a proposal that the heads of different sports bodies of our country should have a fixed tenure of 12 years. This was immediately followed by a big halla by the existing heads of these bodies. The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) president commented- “If the IOC imposes sanctions, it can bring to a standstill all sports activity in the country.” As if the ‘sports activity’ of India was ‘moving’ all these years! 😀 Continue reading