A day in the Commonwealth fiasco

I feel very ashamed of the way things have turned out with the CWG. I can stand up and blame many politicians and bureaucrats for it, but I really don’t want to do what these news channels have already overdone. Yesterday, I tracked the turn of events in the CWG fiasco. Exams start in my college today, and as usual, all I did yesterday was browse one of my favourite news source- The Hindu.

The morning started with a news titled “CWG may be called off: New Zealand“, the day passed with one more news “Games Village filthy, uninhabitable: Hooper“. Few hours later Hindu updated their front page again with “Cleanliness of CWG village a matter of perception: OC“. By night when I actually decided to start studying, one more update spoiled my mood (a real breaking news, this time) “Foot overbridge near Nehru stadium collapses, 23 injured“. I suggest you read all of these.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over these turn of events of just one day. In my wildest of imaginations, I had once wished that CWG turns into a great disaster and leads to heavy reforms in the sports commission of India. But now that it has actually turned out so, I feel helpless, really ashamed of the people who sit there on their fat asses, fill their filthy coffers and joke around with the fate of this country and its people!


4 responses to “A day in the Commonwealth fiasco

  1. Today’s headline on The Hindu- “Top athletes pull out of Commonwealth Games”

  2. Hey..
    same feeling.. I am rooting for this to be such a great disaster and it is going the right way! When you are disconnected and viewing it from a third person’s perspective, things are funny actually… its some kind of a dark humor 🙂

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