The rhyme of the ancient engineer

Wikipedia defines engineers as-

Engineers are concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems, by applying mathematics and scientific knowledge while considering technical constraints. The term is derived from the Latin root “ingenium,” meaning “cleverness”.

Yesterday, the country celebrated Engineer’s day. India is the only country where engineers day is celebrated! This day is celebrated in glory of Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya (1860-1965). He was a wizard in engineering! He was the precursor of economic planning in India. He constructed the KRS dam across the Cauvery River. This dam created the biggest reservoir in Asia at the time it was built!

Today, we engineers of India lack a sense of brotherhood, the feeling of pride that we should have! Is it because engineering has become an easy way to earn money? Are the mushrooming colleges to blame for exploiting the growing demand in market? Or are we to blame? Most students who join engineering colleges, have no real interest beyond job placements. A basic ingredient lacking with Indian ecosystem is the dearth of great engineering mindsets. India might have become the country with most engineers, but we seriously lack ‘clever’ people actually concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems!

Engineers were supposed to be the builders of the world! It is us who decide the cars people drive, the technologies and softwares they use and the safe cozy homes they live in! Engineers are the doctors, administrators and developers of the real world! If so, then where is the sense of pride amongst us engineers? Are we the remains of a profession that has been infected by the corporate mindset, or will this phoenix rise and fly again and reach its glory, driven by the fresh breath of the brave young engineers of the world?!

Engineers of the world, Unite!

3 responses to “The rhyme of the ancient engineer

  1. I don’t know who the hell came up with this idea of Engineer’s Day. But I can tell you that it’s pretty f***** up. I mean India is already clobbered with holidays and one more. How the f*** are supposed run a country like this. But man I am glad to be an Indian, every fifth day there is a holiday or a strike (bandh), man I can relax and have a few drinks with my friends, that is just awesome.

    But seriously, are we really deserving for a day like this. Cause each class has only five merit students and they are bloody muggers. I mean the whole year you work your f****** a** just to memorize every f***** question from the sample work sheet. What’s so f***** brilliant about it. That’s cheap, actually. Engineering is just about getting yourself a annoying well paid job. I find Engineering more about creativity. Today’s Engineering has killed that creativity. Engineer’s Day is not meant for here, it’s for freaking Italians, cause Da Vinci was Italian and I find him to be the best engineer ever, also he was creative, he was a motherf****** artist.

    Anyway. Cheers, lad.
    Another holiday on the list. I think I can visit a few places.

  2. allow me to solely agree with the fact.

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