A complicated love story

Often heard of stories when people can’t love each other, nor can they hate each other? Presenting the most complicated love story ever-

  1. Pakistan supports ISI.
  2. ISI supports Taliban.
  3. Pakistani army fights Talibani forces.
  4. US supports Pakistani army financially, and by all means to fight Taliban, as they are the villains of the world.
  5. US Army itself fights Taliban, as they are the villains of the world.
  6. US opposes ISI, as they are Talibani supporters. Talibanis are the villains of the world, according to the US.
  7. Pakistan Army supports ISI in all possible ways to be strong and Robust. They provide them with the same arms and ammo that US had given them. These arms and ammo are eventually used by the Talibani forces against the US army.
  8. US supports India, in its fight against terror.
  9. India opposes Pakistan, but never actually does anything more than talk, which often makes its way into BBC headlines.
  • Moral- The world never lives happily ever after!!

These international relationships keep bubbling and bursting. But it doesnot take a genius to realize who is the one that suffers?


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