Eid Mubarak!!

Wishing a happy and prosperous eid to all my Muslim brothers and sisters across the globe. Ramadan has ended again. After a month of abstinence, control and spiritual training now its time to appreciate and admire what you have done. It’s an emotional goodbye to Ramadan. Also, it’s a moment of joy, blushing faces of little kids, bright bangles in fragile wrists. It’s a moment to hug each other and praise the wonderful creation of Allah!

Spend the day with your beloveds, with family and friends, eating incredible meals, wearing new clothes. I wish Eid brings bliss to your lives. More importantly, I pray in these times, that we all stay safe.

With the recent war in middle east, and floods in Pakistan, you have lost a lot! Although it’s not a lucky time for Islamic nations, I wish joy and prosperity comes back to your lands. I wish the sun shines bright again in the crowded bazaars of Baghdad, Multan and Tehran! I wish peace and harmony be upon your land. Inshallah!!


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