Good-boy, spoiled-brat

If there is anything more humiliating than the way USA dictates its laws over the laws of other sovereign nations, it is the way third world countries like India allow it to happen. First they sell us billions of dollars worth military equipment. What comes free with their arms is the superiority of their laws which demand the right of inspection by American officials of our equipment and their deployment. Even the Indian Prime Minister’s aircraft is subject to US inspection and approval from time to time.

The problem is with our attitude, and nothing else. We shall learn from the way South American countries deal with US chauvinism. Interestingly, American laws only work for ‘good-boy’ countries like India. It never worked with Pakistan, for example. Massive quantities of American arms were supplied to Pakistan to strengthen its democratic forces. But most of the weaponry was used against India through terrorism. America did not take any action under its end-user laws. Why should they? They recognize only West-ward looking terrorists. Don’t they? While India, still suffering from the lingering colonial mentality, continues bowing to the West as a matter of habit.

Why did we internationalize the Kashmir issue on the whims and fancies of Nehru, when there was no need to do so? Can you ever imagine China taking the Tibet issue to the UN? On the onset of the Bhopal disaster, why did we allow Anderson, the killer of 35,000 people, to walk free? Osama killed 3,000 people in the 9/11 attacks and was hunted down at the cost of over 50,000 Iraqi lives. Wasn’t he? In 1995, In Jhalda, after dropping a large consignment of arms, including several hundred AK-47 rifles and more than a million rounds of ammunition from an aircraft, why were the accused five Latvian and one British crew, even after being sentenced, allowed to go home?

Sixty five years since we claimed independence, and we are still to grow a backbone and stand up for our own dignity. Imagine how dramatically equations will change if we just have the right attitude, and do a few things the US way. Let’s ensure that American dignitaries are body-searched at our airports. They didn’t spare APJ Abdul Kalam in their airports. Let’s buy a few military equipments from European suppliers who do not have such humiliating end-user specifications. India is America’s ally and not slave. They cannot afford to lose our friendship. It is high time the ‘good-boy’ makes the ‘spoiled-brat’ realize this.


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