Women power in CWG

I am not a great fan of Commonwealth games, since it is a living legacy of organizing games in glory of the queen of England. Can’t believe we still continue it. Anyways, we organized the games pretty well in India. The only thing that worked our way in organizing the event successfully was that we Indians did what we are the best at- ‘jugaad’. We arranged for things in the last minute and still ensured that things go well.

Of the 101 medals, including 38 gold, won by India, women sportspersons bagged 22 medals, including 15 gold and 4 silver. Indian women made their mark in almost all fields, including weightlifting, shooting, badminton, wrestling, table-tennis, athletics. The gold Krishna Poonia won in women’s discus throw broke India’s drought in athletics after 52 years. Saina Nehwal’s gold in badminton singles’ helped India stand number 2 in the overall medals tally.

The Commonwealth Games has showcased many women like her. Ranging from archery to wrestling to shooting, Indian women were on a winning spree. These games reminded me of the heart-filling emotions I underwent while watching Chakde India! My hearty congratulations to all of them. You make us proud 🙂 You make us believe that no matter what happens at the political level, as long as you young ladies will bear the torch of Indian sports, we have nothing to worry about!


One response to “Women power in CWG

  1. India won because other countries, including Britain, didn’t send their best athletes.

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