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Culture and fundamentalism

Black-and-whiteThere is a proverb in Hindi, which translates to ‘knowledge spreads when shared’. Well, isn’t every culture a closed set of knowledge with its language, music, folk tales and values? Moreover, since cultures survive through ages, they go through a lot of trial and error conditioning. Mathematically speaking, cultures have a good amount of empirical backing. Cultures grow, by opening themselves up. Cultures evolve. And evolution seeks survival of the fittest. Continue reading

Moore Murphy Marx

murphyMr Gordon Moore in 1965 published a paper, where he stated that the number of components that could be incorporated in an integrated circuit would increase exponentially over time. Since then, the number of components on the chip has doubled every two years. This compacting trend has given rise to the very famous Moore’s Law. Theorists for long have wondered if Moore’s law will ever come to an end? Applying Murphy’s law (see image) to Moore’s law, it will. The results – interestingly coincide with Karl Marx’ theory of Surplus Value. Continue reading

Lagaan | Swades

lagaan_swadesThere is very little doubt that Ashutosh Gowariker is one of the most interesting, and courageous, film-makers of modern India. He has made unique, daring films on lesser told stories. Unlike the trendy candy floss romances and gangland violence, Gowariker, at-least in the best of his films, goes to the villages. And Gowariker’s idea of village is not an array of wavy mustard fields and ancient spiritual values. In both his masterpieces Lagaan and Swades, he has depicted an Indian village as is. Continue reading

The scientific poet

tagore_einsPoetry and science have a common connection – philosophy. Some of the earliest philosophers, like Archimedes, Aristotle made way for great poetry and scientific theories. Newton spent the later half of his life in Biblical interpretations. It was after the advent of nuclear and quantum physics and the more complex string theory in the early 20th century, when the path of science and philosophy got separated. Well, one of the last men standing in this long legacy of thinkers who brought science and philosophy together was Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Continue reading

The (not so) grand old man of BJP


Although a delayed decision, but unlike the dynastic Congress, BJP did stand by its internal democratic principals and went on to choose its PM candidate after much internal debate. But all its glory of being a rock solid organization was put to shame by the fits and tantrums of Mr Advani, who simply failed to realize that external unanimity is as important as internal debates for any given group. However, more than a political debate, the behaviour of Advani raises some very important moral questions. Continue reading