The (not so) grand old man of BJP


Although a delayed decision, but unlike the dynastic Congress, BJP did stand by its internal democratic principals and went on to choose its PM candidate after much internal debate. But all its glory of being a rock solid organization was put to shame by the fits and tantrums of Mr Advani, who simply failed to realize that external unanimity is as important as internal debates for any given group. However, more than a political debate, the behaviour of Advani raises some very important moral questions.

Advani, clearly one of the tallest leaders of the BJP for years now, stood completely isolated over his opposition towards Modi’s elevation as campaign committee chief for the 2014 general elections. He would have hoped to gain some support from other party senior leaders, but received none. Why did Advani oppose Modi’s leadership in the first place? Congress or leftists opposing Modi is justified on secular lines. But was Advani, the man whose short sightedness led to the Ram Janmabhoomi fiasco and all the massacres that followed, at all justified in his resignation?

It must be noted that, in 2002, Modi nearly lost his job after the Godhra massacre. The then PM Vajpayee had decided to sack Modi. It was Advani who intervened to protect his protege. The protege has today upstaged the mentor. Is this what bothers Advani? Or it is the pure lust for power? It is hard to believe so. After all Advani, who deserved a lot of the credit for increasing the BJP’s numbers in the Lok Sabha from 2 to 182, made way for Vajpayee in 1999. At 85, Advani can as well afford brinkmanship, but is it really in the interest of the party and ideology he dedicated his entire life to?

Compare Advani’s position with that of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. On one hand we have the lady who has become the ‘british-queen’ of a major political power in-spite of showing no interest towards becoming the Prime Minister. On the other hand, we have a man with a political career as old as the country itself has fallen pray to his own insecurity. With a few cards well played, Advani could have as well become the kingmaker, the pitamah of BJP.

In-fact, his situation can be compared with an actor denied of the Oscars in-spite of deserving it for decades, but being overruled every time by other actors. Sonia Gandhi, on the other hand holds the moral position of the actor who refused the award. And as common men, we love sacrifices. The best thing now for Advani is to retire gracefully and bring an end to his long eventful political career. Well, that too, after the dust of the 2014 elections settles.


2 responses to “The (not so) grand old man of BJP

  1. Mr Narendra Modi has been a standalone politician ( Son of a tea vendor) who is held in high regard in Gujarat, people swear by his commitment for the state and has been a firm leader (some say he has dictatorial ways of operating the system). He has uplifted himself from gravitas and has been a strict disciplinarian in taking decisions which sometimes have not been politically correct. Under his stewardship, Gujarat has been transformed into a separate entity basking in economic glory and has demarcated itself as a state brimming with entrepreneurship and political will. The major task in hand for Narendra Modi will be to contain the wounds of Gujarat carnage, which are still afresh in the minds of electorate. Though contained In regional political arena, off late, Mr Modi has been assigned the task of shaping the road map for the BJP for the upcoming 14 Lok Sabha polls. But one must firmly conclude that all that glitters is not gold and in this context there are various political hurdles which Mr Modi needs to cross before he is given the mantle to lead the BJP as Prime Ministerial candidate of the Party. Currently the internal political strife is strong enough to contain the charm of Mr Modi (recent Political statements by octogenarian party leader Mr L.K Advani have cast a shadow on the backing of party leadership, for Mr Modi). But as luck would have it, things are certainly falling in place for Gujarati politician, the recent refusal of Mr Gadkari to embark the saddle of lead campaign manager for the BJP horse as open an opportunity for Mr Modi, who wants to lead the campaign in his own style and authority (remember he has been an utter failure in campaigns for BJP in just concluded elections in states of Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka).

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