You ask how I spend my time

You ask how I spend my time
I nestle against a treetrunk
and listen to autumn winds
in the pines all night and day.
Shantung wine can’t get me drunk.
The local poets bore me.
My thoughts remain with you,
like the Wen River, endlessly flowing.
— Li Po (translated by Hamil).

Any poetic exploration of the Silk Road will cross Tagore, Li Po and Khalil Gibran, among many others. This is a wonderfully poignant poem by Li Po about the pain of separation from one’s beloved. It is amazing how the poet manages to capture the essence of the emotion in words as simple as these. Further commentary would simply be superfluous.


One response to “You ask how I spend my time

  1. I have started to notice an almost subconscious pattern among writings (be they poems or descriptions or articles) of this nature… that they tend to entice all the five senses in the narration.

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