The wise and the biblical

It is beyond doubt that the two greatest Gangster films of the 90’s were Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas. What are the purpose of these two films exactly? I’m not sure. But they do deal a lot with the theme of power. Both these films stand out from the regular Gangster films we see around. What is so different about these two films?

Both Tarintino and Scorsese know the subject of their films is to be trendy. Both these films are products of mass culture and revolve around the theme of irony. Both being black comedies at several scenes. You are charmed by the villainous characters and you can’t help it. Both films have extremely memorable characters. They surely aren’t another action heroes who you forget the next day. They are human beings like we are, talking about TV series, joking around on stupid things. Take for example, two memorable (and violent) scenes from these two films. Here is the scene from Pulp Fiction. And here is the scene form Goodfellas.

Both these scenes are violent, full of profanity, fast paced and very stylish. Both these scenes depict how overdose of power horrifies. Both these characters are adored and hated at the same time. While Coppolla’s Godfather is the inside story of mafia, Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction gradually take higher up in the levels of abstraction. Both these films are offers you simply can’t refuse!


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