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The Wikileaks phenomena

Like every other social asset, media is a neutral, double-edged sword with equal opportunities of it being used or misused. In the ideal world, media should present the combined opinion of the masses as a unified, single and loud voice, and authorities should give heed to them. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, media is busy curtailing the basic rights of masses, hiding facts and parading the unimportant. With the epic failure of mass media in recent times, it is important that citizen media takes over. This is precisely the reason Wikileaks is important and must be supported. Continue reading


Méliès Chaplin Phalke

Cinema has always been a close follower of technology. From implementation of newer color or sound technologies to computer generated graphics and 3D montages – cinema since its inception, has amazed audiences. Under such a setup, when filmmakers are continuously searching for newer techniques, we have recently witnessed a series of films which have instead, paid tribute to the classics and made their mark. Continue reading

Is android free?

We live in a time when 371,000 babies are born daily. This is minuscule when compared to 378,000 iPhones and 1.1 million PCs sold, and the 1 million Android devices that are activated daily. The rise of Android in less than 4 years of its release is shocking. While Android markets itself as free and open source, it must be understood and questioned – to what extent does Android respect the freedom of its users? Continue reading

From JEE to CET

Sibal wants to bring in changes in the IIT entrance process. He suggests a common entrance test for the IITs and the NITs, in a two-paper format which will include a main test and an advanced test. While this move can be debated, it still may bring some streamlining in the entrance process. But just when we start thinking that all may get well, we hear that class XII board examination scores will be given 50% weightage in the entrance procedures. Continue reading

Access (to our freedom) denied

Governments across the world are becoming desperate to regulate, censor and restrict the free and open nature of the Internet. Recently Torrentz, Vimeo, The Pirate Bay, and many other websites were blocked by Indian ISPs. Eventually most of the blocks were lifted but the drama in those few days, have left us with numerous alarming questions. Let the enemies of the freedom of Internet know, that they are fighting a lost battle. Read my recent article on the-NRI.

The punctuation of Sanjuro

One of Kurosawa’s greatest punctuational accomplishments lies in the memorable climax of Sanjuro- the splendid final duel between Mifune and Nakadai. They meet outside the city. They face each other, both being fine swordsmen. Swords still in sheaths, they confront each other. There is a 15 seconds of pause, an enormous amount for the climax of the film, which none but Kurosawa could have accomplished! Continue reading

The punctuation of Yojimbo

The punctuation of Yojimbo cannot be explained by camera cuts and frame speed alone. Here, music and movements are heavily deployed to enforce punctuation. The film’s beginning and end depict overture and postlude. The heroism of our protagonist is accompanied with a musical theme and distinctive styles. Here, the subtle interplay of movements create magic! Continue reading