From Wikileaks with love

Thanks to The Hindu and Wikileaks, who have been releasing cables from US offices in India. These cables have established beyond doubt how our Prime Minister had been over reaching to the US on many policy issues. Murli Deora was bought in as Petroleum minister, and Mani Shankar Aiyar was sacked. Wikileaks reavels that US was verry happy with this move. I seriously fail to understand- why should US decide or even poke its nose in India’s policies?

The vote against Iran at IAEA meeting is just the tip of the iceberg. US wanted us to vote against Iran. Our diplomats didn’t support it. The US Ambassador to India wrote to the US, asking them to urge our PM during his visit to the US. The PM met the President. Soon, instructions went out to the foreign secretary to vote against Iran. It was the year 2008, and you were not supposed to question the intentions of our PM, for he was ‘honest and decent’.

We bought a Boeing aircraft for the President and PM of our country. The US suddenly inserted a clause that said that they will inspect our aircrafts every year. Why should we agree for such inspections? So instead of the word “inspection”, we agreed for a “review” and patted ourselves in the back. Yet, no outrage because you could not and would not and dare not question our ‘honest and decent’ Prime Minister 😀


3 responses to “From Wikileaks with love

  1. Felt Nice while going through your Website.Good Work! Keep Going…The question you raised in this post is very pertinent-Why does US poke it nose in the affairs of countries as far as Orient? But the “Yankee Capitalism” as i would call it requires the foreign policy of US to create conditions favorable for the US capitalists to keep going.I feel the strategic calculations and the global security apparatus that the US is slowly building from Western Europe through the Caucasus,Central Asia right through Hindukush into the straits of Malacca are all aligned to serve “economic prosperity” of US which would in-turn strengthen the role of US in global affairs.We see through our own realpolitik lens,which often leads to morally unacceptable policies like that of Iran or Boeing.These two were classic examples of how US used the Nuke Deal as a bait to make India toe the line of US.But then International relations is harsh-sometimes we end up on the other side which may not look greener to us!

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