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Artistic science scientific arts

science_artsIn a previous article I had initiated a discourse on art, and it’s relationship with science. Science gives us conceptual knowledge of the situation, and art helps us experience it. However, there is more to it. Science, more than anything else, also gives direction to art, true, in a very complex sense. Continue reading


The miracle plant

jatrophaThe Jatropha Curcas, also known as ‘danti’, is a strange species of flora. It’s leafy and green – sometimes it takes the form of a shrub, but it can also become a tree up to six meters tall. It came from the tropics of Central America and can thrive in semi-arid climates with low-nutrient soil. Jatropha plants bear a poisonous little fruit – inside each are several black seeds. If you crush them, you get oil. Continue reading

Moore Murphy Marx

murphyMr Gordon Moore in 1965 published a paper, where he stated that the number of components that could be incorporated in an integrated circuit would increase exponentially over time. Since then, the number of components on the chip has doubled every two years. This compacting trend has given rise to the very famous Moore’s Law. Theorists for long have wondered if Moore’s law will ever come to an end? Applying Murphy’s law (see image) to Moore’s law, it will. The results – interestingly coincide with Karl Marx’ theory of Surplus Value. Continue reading

Science, society and dialectics

vitruvianFrom Galileo to Einstein, scientists who have questioned the popular thinking, have faced the wrath of the establishment. It is also interesting to note that wars have had a tendency to accelerate the process of scientific inventions. May it be the atomic power, or computers, wars have been the reason behind the great leaps in technology. The point is – society and science are inseparable. While philosophers of the past have tried to build bridges between the two, the complexities of modern science seldom allow to so. The gap between science and philosophy is growing fast. Continue reading

Water for life

waterHaving missed the industrial revolution, we have tried hard to catch up with the new-age industries, mainly Information Technology and Biotechnology. While the growth of IT in India is universally known, it is noteworthy that Indian pharmaceutical industry (a major part of biotech) ranks third in the world in terms of volume and fourteenth in terms of value. Well, lesser known is the fact, that until recently, there existed a river in Hyderabad where a single dip could make you immune to most diseases – and a second dip could have killed you. Continue reading