Monthly Archives: May 2012

Indian preposterous league

Welcome to a game where they choose to break the game’s rhythm to make it a spectacle, where they choose to wire up players and umpires to entertain people, where they bring young women paid to tart up the game with their bodies on display. Sports is entertainment, the sooner we understand that, the better it is. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Indian Premier League. Continue reading


The real artist

He was one person who made the world laugh, cry, resent, pity and most importantly- think. He was the greatest showman ever to dawn on earth, and will be, for generations to come. He was more than an entertainer. He was also the first Auteur activist. His films, starring him as The Tramp, were subtle commentaries on class divide. The Tramp was a friend to the working class and used slapstick humour to create timeless social commentaries. Continue reading

The curious case of Balwant Singh Rajoana

“Who kills the Punjab CM?” was decided based on a coin toss between two Sikh policemen. 17 years later, among the 1,338 Indians currently on death row, why is he more important than others? This is one story that must be read. Read my latest article on NRI

They couldn’t do it

An under-appreciated fact about Indian politics is the influence of women in it. This is extraordinary, especially when we consider the oppression of women in the subcontinent for ages. India’s two major religions – Hinduism and Islam – have in the past been practically hostile to the emancipation of women, when compared to the western cultures. Yet, women power in Indian politics in unmatched. If it has done any good to the country is altogether a different question and must be pondered. Continue reading

Sweat and glory

Sweat has always been a part of popular poetry and culture. Blood, Sweat and tears are terms used by writers across cultures to depict struggle, bravery and revolution. Sweat also finds its place in literature describing physical beauty. The glitter of sweat droplets on a female body, or the shining muscles of a male body in its own sweat, are beautifying tools used by authors across the world. Continue reading