Monthly Archives: May 2012

From each according to his ability

The writings of Karl Marx is unparalleled. It is interesting how he sums up deep philosophies in single phrases. One such phrase – “from each according to his ability, to each according his need” – deeply interests me. Marx refers to the idea that a person’s worth must be measured by what he does, in proportion to his ability. Having the ability is not enough. Using it to bring changes is the key. If we use this yardstick to evaluate our political leaders, we find newer perspectives to look into their lives. Continue reading

Celebrating stupidity

I wonder why there was hardly any newspaper editorial or television show that depicted the importance of labour-day. Labourers constitute a major part of any successful society, whose presence, value and quality of work account greatly to the progressiveness of the society. I wonder if we have become so busy commercializing events and festivals that we forget to even acknowledge days like these? Continue reading