Isolated nationalism in modern times

Unlike popular belief, there is some difference between a country and a nation. Nation cannot be assumed to be a fact of nature, like a country made of  mountains, plains and plateaus. A country is a historic and geographic entity, while a nation is an economic or political entity. Country is more of a static entity, whereas nation is a dynamic entity that requires continuous re-structuring in order for it to win and hold trust of its people and the same reciprocated back by the people for their nation.

in India, isolated forms of nationalism has been seen majorly in only three types of people-

  1. Security personnel, like policemen and soldiers.
  2. Developmentalists, who want to make India into an economic superpower, independent of the consequences.
  3. Chauvinists, who want India only for one community or religion.

Sometimes people falling in two of these categories combine to form a deadly combination. Take for example Ayodhya, Godhara, Kashmir or Cauvery water dispute. Most of these people don’t understand the amount of tolerance needed for building a nation. They are mislead by their own definition of nationalism. Instead of creating an unstoppable resonance that can drive our nation to great heights, they are busy creating newer troubles for the nation.

I have, for a long time opposed such narrow minded nationalism. It is the same narrow mindedness that drives them to believe that anti-nationalism is anti-nation. Anyways.


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