The Graduate- Hello darkness my old friend

When I think of films where cinematography, editing and direction are at their best, I think of ‘The Graduate’. Although released in 1968, this film still holds its unique freshness. Almost everything you can do with a camera can be seen in this film, and everything is perfectly right for the story. The music is equally beautiful. One of my all time favourite songs, ‘The Sounds of Silence’ preformed by Simon & Garfunkel, nearly word for word, describes the inner turmoil in the protagonist in this film. Watch the video for yourself-

This is a perfect example of what art can generate if one puts soul and wit into it. I personally find human emotions and life issues depicted in a bitter-comic manner to be a charming combination, dark humour being my favourite genre. Innovative shots like 1-st person camera views, long still frames, distance frames,video-clip like sequences beautifully sustained by Simon and Garfunkel’s heart-warming poetry is such a treat to watch. This single scene holds it all!


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