Problems with Indian education system

It’s a pity, youngsters in India do not have the vision to think beyond. Neither their parents, nor their grandparents had that vision. This is where the root of the problem is. When I decided to do a project with 10 other friends, I met all types of people. Some had resistance from their family. Some were worried that they will do bad academically. Today there are only 4 of us working on it. This race for marks is killing our generation!

This race starts in a much funnier way- with the birth of the child. The parents want him to become a doctor and they even get him toy stethoscope, toy doll’s to operate on etc. The grand parents want him to become an engineer. They get him a set of lego toys. the uncle wants him to become a chartered accountant, and he gets the boy toy’s with numbers on them. The other uncle wants him to become a business man like him, and so gets him monopoly. The child grows and finds the jealous neighbors, the teachers who did not get any other job so came to get experience on their CV, the management that is out to make money, the syllabus to make sure you are one step behind everybody, The good-for-nothing Education Board- the grandpa’s and grannies from the previous generation.

I’d love to see a change here. A change, as I always say, not in just the system of laws, but a change that perforates into the mindset of every individual and changes him/ her forever. The change includes-

  1. The talented lot of our country to become educators- education should be the career of choice, and not compromise.
  2. World class education institutions.
  3. Education should encourage entrepreneurship.
  4. Greater investment into education- private as well as public. Teachers should be paid more.
  5. Education that involves innovation and creativity- I loved doing my project with INTEL. I’m still working on it. I shamelessly sacrificed my academic projects for this sake. Whatever I do- including this post- is out of choice.

6 responses to “Problems with Indian education system

  1. Hi,
    I am mahe..
    You have the same taste like me..
    Soon after this month i’ll be starting a website that will create education awareness in India. I will be requesting you to be a part of it.Ping me at the mail.

  2. hello i am joti,
    yes,i am agrry with u.student ko decide karna chahee ke ose kea banna ha.

  3. True true!
    This education system hardly has any relevance to what REALLY happens.
    It hardly provides us with what happens in the practical world.
    And it badly needs a makeover. 😐

    Mridula 🙂

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  5. A very well-written article.I’ve been a big critic of the Indian Education System and I agree with all the points stated by you.The biggest flaw in our education system is that only 1% of what is taught is relevant to our life.5% of what is taught is useful only for those ZERO value marks and grades and the rest is junk.Why can’t the system focus on the 1% and give it 60% weight-age with practical assignments which make the brain think??Another flaw is teaching methods.Take Mathematics as an example.For a problem which can be solved in 2 steps one is made to write 10-15 steps by memorizing formulas which do not have any relevance to your life,just for the sake of marks.Another case is practicals.In Indian System there are 10 meaningless experiments out of which only 1 will come in the final exam.And the lecturers make you write the record book the whole year.
    Finally,I will add a comment about the IITs,IIITs,IIMs etc.For all the posters who will come here and start talking about the greatness of IITs,is there any research promoted by IITs despite getting govt subsidy??The answer is a big NO.They merely serve as a feeder for MNCs.Why can’t they look beyond providing just BE’s,B.Tech’s and MBA’s.Why not pure science???
    Disclaimer:I’m not someone who failed to get into these “Factories”. I decided to do something other than BE/B.Tech n running behind MNCs.Tried out Genetics and now got a job as a VFX Artist after finishing my Animation.

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