Hello World

It was only yesterday when I was cursing WordPress for deducting my money thrice during the registration process of this domain. I was actually irritated by the way things had gone. My friend and her mother had trusted  me so much by helping me with her credit card in registering for this domain, and all I could do was break their trust like this! I even posted my protest. I decided to make up for it & spent the whole night reading through various forums by different authors who have faced similar problems. I even read every possible help and support article that was available. Finally, when the WordPress helpdesk was open next evening, I decided to contact them.

A response came within 2 minutes! A support team guy, Anthony, was with me all the time fixing it up. In another half an hour, I had been refunded & had souravroy.com registered on my name 🙂 Now that’s what I call rock and roll! My friend and her mother were equally happy. I’m really grateful to the WordPress support team. Great job guys!

This website is more like a book to me. And like any other book I’ve written, this too is dedicated to someone. After thinking for a while, I believe, I’ll dedicate this to those who helped me build it. I dedicate it to my parents and friends of course! I dedicate it to my friend and her ma (who is no less than my own mother to me) for their trust and love, I dedicate it to the WordPress support team for their troubleshooting abilities. And I dedicate it to you- my readers- you may be from any part of the world, doing anything. But right now you are sitting in your couch reading my post. This means a lot to me.


One response to “Hello World

  1. preetham hebbale

    good job bro.nice design .simplicity and elegance combined together the site is nice.

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