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On AAP’s future

arvind_kejriwalNo matter how enthusiastically the media depicts it, AAP’s rise in Indian politics is not a new phenomena. However, protests translating to massive civil movements, in turn giving birth to newer parties, which then make way to the parliament in almost no time; is a clear indicator of the robustness of the Indian democracy. Even the ‘boastful’ US democracy is yet to witness something similar. Their civil movements, although transformed into political parties like the Tea Party or the Green Party – are yet to make significant electoral presence. Continue reading


Code is law

lessigCode is law’ is the famous phrase by Lawrence Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons, and one of the leading activists behind the Copyleft Movement. In an era when liberty is increasingly being mistaken with freedom from government, it must be understood that people, even in the seemingly free and democratic Cyberspace, are not really free. Continue reading

On communism

communismSocialism did not begin with Marx. It was born while man was still homeless, and lived through the times when people helped each other in building their homes, or farmers helped each other in ploughing their fields. The previous century witnessed the rise and the apparent fall of the political and revolutionary aspect of socialism, or communism. Continue reading

On divided identities

Proposed_states_and_territories_of_IndiaWinston Churchill had said that India – if allowed to become independent – will disintegrate into smaller nations. If all the present demands for separate states are fulfilled, our 29-state country will soon become a 50-state country. Let us learn from our mistakes in the past, and not repeat the short sighted approach, that led to the birth of Andhra in violence, and its eventual death in even more bloodshed and horror. Continue reading

Lagaan | Swades

lagaan_swadesThere is very little doubt that Ashutosh Gowariker is one of the most interesting, and courageous, film-makers of modern India. He has made unique, daring films on lesser told stories. Unlike the trendy candy floss romances and gangland violence, Gowariker, at-least in the best of his films, goes to the villages. And Gowariker’s idea of village is not an array of wavy mustard fields and ancient spiritual values. In both his masterpieces Lagaan and Swades, he has depicted an Indian village as is. Continue reading