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Savior or Hitler?

modi_youngThe Weimar Republic was established in 1919 in Germany. Although started with good intentions, in fourteen years, the governance was marked by an overall lack of direction, hyperinflation and rampant corruption. In 1933, the Weimar Republic was overthrown by Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Although a well known extremist, Hitler was a very popular leader, who spoke of modernization, industrialization and militarization of Germany. Hitler did what he promised, but at what price?! Continue reading


Liberating Jharkhand

jharkhand-tribal-artWhen the people of Jharkhand fought for a separate state, their goal was liberty and greater control on their lives. But ironically, the formation of Jharkhand has, over the years, given greater control to their oppressors and consolidated the hold of corrupt politicians, industrialists and contractors on the masses. It is even more unfortunate that the leaders who were at the forefront of the liberation movement have turned into oppressors. Continue reading

Outside the garden

garbage2How does a refrigerator maintain the cool temperature inside? It does so, by disposing off the hot air outside. Even an air conditioner works on the same principle of compressors. This may work fine with machines. But in reality, can human lives be compressed the same way? Can their emotions, their agony, their complaints be compressed? Well, some questions, no matter how disturbing, must be analysed – if not answered. Continue reading

Friends, romans and countrymen

sycophantIt is a huge diplomatic win for us as the two Italian marines were returned to India in order to stand trial for shooting two fishermen off the coast of Kerala last winter. There may be vested political interests in it, but the Government of India taking a stand when white men turn into offenders in criminal acts, is a rare thing to happen, and deserves attention. Continue reading

Economics is not mathematics

economic_divideThere is a delusion policy makers and people are currently living in, and needs serious examination – that the economists have scientific answers, and know what is best for a country. It must be understood that economics is different from mathematics. It is more interpretative than absolute. Every economic argument has a counter argument. Every model of economic theory has its success stories to share, and failures to be ashamed of. Continue reading

Nuclear democracy

nuclearThe most secretive institution in India is the Atomic Energy Commission. May it be the nuclear mishaps of Kaiga, the multiple shutting of Kakrapar, the leakages of Rawatbhata, the safety concerns of Tarapur, or the voices being raised by thousands in Kudankulam, the AEC is rarely held accountable. While India’s atomic energy programme is an economic failure and an environmental disaster, its very functioning, undermines the democratic ideals of a country like India. Continue reading

Towards electoral reforms


In order to reform our electoral democracy, and open it up for honest citizens, we must start looking for an alternative electoral framework in which vision, policies, hard work and ideology matter over the marginal votes. Do read my latest article in the-NRI