Victims of victimhood

It is unfortunate how victim-hood has become the highest virtue in the life of most Indians. We love to show ourselves off to the world as victims. We tend to forget everything we learned as we grew about taking responsibility for ourselves, not crying out to the world, solving our own problems, standing on our own feet. Suddenly it has become desirable and fashionable to moan.

Suddenly, there’s a competition to be the victim number one. The greatest advantage of playing the victim is that we are much less likely to be held accountable. We are very likely to come across Hindus who claim that the history of India is filled with their blood spilled. Meet a Muslim and he will give you a hundred ways he feels his community is being exploited. Meet an upper caste man and he will give you a long lecture on his anti reservation sentiments. Meet a person of the lower caste and he will tell you how much his community has been suppressed. Meet a woman and she’ll tell you how much women are suppressed in the man’s world. What us funny is, none of these ever claim that they are the perpetrators. I often wonder; how can everyone be a victim?

Take Jammu and Kashmir for example. There is no community which lives there (Army included), which does not feel like a victim. This attitude of victimhood which we possess, has eaten into our moral fibre. Needless to say, that politicians take due advantage of it, a reason we see political parties fighting elections on divisive agendas and not overall development in their minds. Unless we, the people of India are not gutsy enough to shed this attitude of victimhood, we can happily forget about making the world a better place and continue with our cribbing and crying and pointing fingers at everyone but ourselves.


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