I wrote a good omelet

I wrote a good omelet… and ate a hot poem…
after loving you

Buttoned my car… and drove my coat home… in the rain…
after loving you

I goed on red… and stopped on green…. floating
somewhere in between…
being here and being there…
after loving you

I rolled my bed… turned down my hair… slightly
confused but… I don’t care…
Laid out my teeth… and gargled my gown… then I stood
…and laid me down…
to sleep…
after loving you

-Nikki Giovanni

A fundamental flaw that modern poets commit while writing, is they search for words. This problem is more evident in love poems. They search high and low for the language that will help them communicate exactly how they feel. They fail to understand that, love poems are not about ‘love’ words- they are about sentiments and images.

A rarely used mode of expression- euphoric distraction- is a sentiment so intrinsic to falling in love. I have rarely seen poems so simple yet so accurate. The poet never goes beyond actions to portray her emotions. She uses the actual images of confusion to express her love. A beautiful poem, indeed.


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