Meaning of Kolaveri Di

Kolaveri means hatred, a rage to kill. This is a simple and funny heartbreak song. A song that sounds stupid at first, and then slowly, grows. The makers of the Tamil film ‘3’ have hit the right chord. They have tapped the Internet. The nature of social networks and the propensity to share things that people find interesting gives the song a wider audience.

‘Kolaveri’ has been trending on Twitter and Facebook faster than any Indian song ever has. Secondly, the studio ambiance clicks! This Kolaveri video has that same raw feel to it that any unplugged recording has, which allows the viewer to connect with it more easily than the fantasy that a song-and-dance film song creates. The process, and not the product is shown.

Finally and most importantly, the lyrics of the song has it own unique texture. The lyrics is very easy to remember (even for non Tamilian), this may be one of the reasons behind its immense success. Many people have started putting up lyrics of this song as their status messages on social networking sites. It’s a song fit for bathroom singers. The beats are simple and catchy. The theme is so common yet untapped. Heartbreak is a phenomenon almost everyone can relate to, which has further fuelled the popularity of the song.

Going deeper into the roots of the song, the song belongs to a new genre of music. You may call this genre as black. Unlike blues, these songs depict rage, instead of sorrow. Songs of Delhi Belly in particular, belonged to this new genre. The first stanza (interestingly) repeatedly uses the term- black. The second stanza too brings in the metaphor with the analogy of a girl’s white skin and her black heart, where a skin is never white and a heart can never be black. The song ends in a very distressed note ‘this song for soup boys-u, we dont have choice-u’. This shows the helplessness of boys who are in love.

Well, this a song that somewhere strikes multiple right chords at the same time. Not just in the marketing, but also in terms of music and underlying philosophy, this song is yet another masterpiece from the land of Ilayaraja, Mahadevan, Balasubrahmanyam and Rehman.


13 responses to “Meaning of Kolaveri Di

  1. I am really surprised that u understood the song so well re!!! U just Great dude!!!!!

  2. very nicely understood and written saurav :):)

  3. thnx macha,,,,,,,,

  4. Balasubramanyam belongs to Andhra Pradesh!

  5. Sharad Pawar kolaveri-ed! 🙂

    Nice post.

  6. right siddarth:)

  7. How simply explained………5 stars for it…

  8. this is one of the amazing explanations i have received after me

  9. Bengalis are smart- you proved it again

  10. Nice Review! Heared the song more than tons of times.. still its rolling in my tongue 🙂


  12. Saurabh, you have put it excellently. First of all Dhanush has scripted it keeping a larger audience in mind, and then composer has elegantly used the lighter note, the title of the song it apt for today. I don’t understand the technicality of song but it touched my heart. Hope it is beginning of a new trend in the Indian music Industry.

  13. Very good review 🙂

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