Apni jo paathshala

It affects me how education across the world is being driven by competition these days. Exams and marks are the ultimate depiction of a student’s performance. This is also because of the commercialisation of education. I believe collaboration is a better way of learning. While many might argue that this approach is communist in nature, the roots of similar education can be found in Indian scriptures as well. The shloka that defines it is-

Aacharyaat paadamekamsyaat
Paadam sahabrahmacharibhihi
Paadam tu medhaya
Seshaam kaalena pachyate

If education is divided into four equal parts, only one part is imparted by the teacher. Of course, that is mentioned in the beginning and given prime importance by implication. Another part is imparted by the peers, class-mates, friends and contemporaries. Yet another part is imbibed by the pupil himself on the merit of his own intellect. Then, the rest is imparted by time. By the maturity one gains education through the passage of time.

When I look at the way education is imparted in our colleges, a strange sense of depression clouds me. Peer interaction is minimalistic in modern education system. Students are hardly given an opportunity to use their intellect. All the answers in the answer books must match the text in books. Or else students tend to loose marks. Quest for marks has clouded quest for knowledge.


2 responses to “Apni jo paathshala

  1. Nice article friend.
    See ultimate thing in education is
    vidyaa dadaati vinayaM vinayaadyaati paatrataam
    paatratvaaddhanamaapnoti dhanaaddharmaM tataH sukhaM..
    so whatever we gain knowledge we have to share and tell others that may be very easy to you but the other side when you explain it should be more friendly and with good spirit .These things come into picture in our normal life i.e day to day activities.vinyaM is the ultimate thing we need to capture in our hearts when we complete our education .this should come but this is very much hard but never said impossible.thank you

  2. Hey..
    Very very nice… 🙂

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