The corrupt year it was!

Ashok Chavan and Suresh Kalmadi have been eliminated. But the problem is more than individuals. The CWG and Adarsh housing society swindles are not the only scams that the UPA faces. Who can forget the 2G ripoff of Rs 170,000 crore by DMK’s A. Raja. Then there is the rice scam and the DD scam. So much has been written about Telecom scam, Sugar scam, Defense deals, illegal mining and what not! Committees are formed, with hardly anyone being charged unless the bastard politician becomes politically irrelevant.

BJP is not far behind. The power drama in Karnataka was an example of the level to which Indian democracy has fallen to. Not one politician in Karnataka behaved with any dignity or respect for the motherland. Reportedly, each MLA had a price tag of Rs 25 crores. What a shame!

Isn’t it an irony, considering that our government is headed by Manmohan Singh, whose personal integrity is repeatedly hammered? Isn’t it an irony that while Obama talks of development in India, our leaders in the same parliament must be plotting on how to fill their own coffers with US funds! Do we actually need a foreigner telling us how great a country India is, when out leaders have put their own countrymen’s head to shame! Maybe Obama doesn’t know, that watering an anthill will only lead to its downfall!


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