Love, lust and masala dosa

I really don’t understand why lust is seen as something undesirable? Love is difficult to define or describe, and hence most people understand love through various cases- which we call love stories. On the other hand, lust is tangible. Everyone knows and realizes what lust is. ‘Love’ is fine when it comes to parents, siblings, friends, offspring, pets, poetry, masala dosa… But don’t you think lust is the ‘exact’ feeling that gives a man-woman relationship a notch? A kick-start?

Then there is something called ‘true love’, the unconditional love- not expecting anything and giving everything you have. Isn’t that exactly what a traditional Indian housewife does, or is supposed to do? In that case, most Indian women wont love! believe me there is no true love. Love in itself is the truest feeling, if felt whole heartedly! With or without lust hardly matters. Accept the lust within you. It is as common as hunger or breath. Eventually, lust is the only way we humans can display our animal instincts; that too stays in a room (what an advantage!) So don’t bother suppressing your lust- use it instead to give your love a notch, something you can’t do with your feelings for a masala dosa 🙂

So, lust without love and vice versa, are necessarily complementary and incomplete experiences! Screw Plato!


One response to “Love, lust and masala dosa

  1. bhai tera jawab nahi…………………….

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