Man created God

As Shaheed diwas is commencing, I was reading the writings and speeches of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the great martyr. In his famous writing “Why I Am An Atheist?”, he mentions-

Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge

This quote has haunted me for years, since the first time I had read it. The idea of God came out of man’s mind. But does this change anything in the belief system of the billions? People will continue to believe that God exists- either as an entity, or a force, or an idea, or a crucified revolutionary. So, God exists! Tangibly or intangibly? I really don’t know. My question still remains. Why did man create God? This is, in fact, the single greatest philosophical question that has troubled man since the beginning of time. Why does anything exist at all? The answer lies in one word- “imagination”.

Animals don’t imagine. They don’t have these philosophical outbursts either. Humans have very definitive ways of defining concepts like “creation”, “beginning”, “end” etc. And as we learn more, we change our own definitions very conveniently- that’s our inherent nature. Call it weakness. An inevitable weakness.

Thus spoke an atheist..


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