Resource, softwares and poems

I’ve always tried to write about my work in Sankalp and have failed numerous times. A recent lecture by my teacher gave me new directions and finally drove me into writing about resource management. I’ll write about three aspects of my life that fascinate me the most- Sankalp, Software Development and Poetry. A deep analysis of these made me realize that all these three are no different. They are one and the same.

My teacher claims that software development is not a branch of science but art. Science is measurable- something that can be recreated if the process is known. A scientific experiment gives similar results if all the conditions are recreated. While lines of code is one of the basic and most ridiculous ways of measuring a software, Poetry on the other hand can not be measured by number of lines, nor can we measure a painting by the number of strokes! These have a strong human factor- an aspect of excellence! Isn’t it the same with resource management as well?

Given a task under resource management, different people tend to work on it in different ways. That is inevitable. Some do it based on its end product, while some value the process. A third method exists and is emerging rapidly- building the art perspective as a whole. This is where the basic software development models failed and PCMM model was introduced. Develop an aesthetic feeling among the concerned people, and good people will do good work! With small checkpoints to measure progress and process, it can be further beautfied! I’m glad I understand that!


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