Madhu Koda- one more scam…

In a country where one scam is uncovered every second month and the scam value has a series of unending zeroes trailing behind it, who cares anymore for a hundred-crore scam? Since 1992, the total money involved in scams in India stands approximately at an enormous Rs. 73 lakh crore. Does that strike a chord?

Facts claim Koda owns many hotels and three companies in Mumbai, a lot of property in Kolkata, a hotel in Thailand, and a coal mine in Liberia. The total money involved is over Rs. 4000 crores.

Today Koda is hospitalized and has nothing to say about it. He’s keeping his silence. He is definitely one of the many people involved in the scam. Koda is not intelligent enough to get away with such amount. They are trying to suppress it politically, by ridiculing the entire case. Koda can make a statement and flash the names of those involved, which will only lead to nothing but some more news. They will lead to more investigations which happen as long as the media has its roving eye on the case. The public, anyway, has a short memory, having too many things to think about. Somewhere down the line, all the money looted from the country’s treasuries are to be replenished only by us- the masses. And still, nobody gives a damn!


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