Untold love stories in popular Indian cinema

Is it merely a coincidence that some watchable popular films have an element of untold unfinished love in them? May it be the massive Sholay or the youth heart throb Dil Chahta Hai. The common characteristics of these love stories is they are silent and often controversial.

This discussion has to begin with Sholay. Who can forget the Amitabh Jaya silent romance? It spoke more than the talkative Biru Basanti duo. The scene where Jaya Bhaduri cries on Amitabh’s death is one of the very few scenes that leaves me emotional till date. The story of Siddharth (Akshay Khanna) in Dil Chahta Hai is equally beautiful. Though I hated the ridiculous ending where the five memorable characters are shown with a pretty girl Siddharth has just met and exchanged smiles with. The Elizabeth-Bhuvan love story of Lagaan and the Su-DJ love story of Rang De Basanti are other examples. I particularly liked the character of Amrita Rao in The Legend of Bhagat Singh– though it only adds melodrama to the original story.

On an ending note, the film worth a mention is Bhansali’s epic- Black. This film would have been very controversial if it had lost the balance any further. An amazingly put story. This is the story of the triumph of a teacher, of faith- of love!


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