Who is Dr Swamy?

swamyDr Subramanian Swamy is probably the only Indian politician who has more Twitter followers than voters. Every major Indian political event since the emergency has his name written on it. Here’s an analysis on why this dangerous and controversial person must be avoided. Read full article on the NRI magazine


3 responses to “Who is Dr Swamy?

  1. More than an opportunist, I think of him as a person who uses all his energy to instigate hatred in minds of commoners.

  2. I have followed Swamy for for a long time. I find it funny how he (and all the other Hindutva guys) try to justify their actions by comparing to what is happening in the middle east. They’ll say things like ‘ISIS and Hamas has done this but no body is saying anything. Why is our action wrong?’ or ‘Owaisi has said this but media only reports what Modi has said.’ Since when did we stoop so low that we need to compare ourselves with the situation in Middle East? Also, India is probably the only country where the majority subscribes to violence to supress its minorities. In every other country, it is usually the other way round.

  3. He is the Hindu Owaisi of India. A huge disgrace to the religion known for its broad mindedness and peaceful values.

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