Monthly Archives: June 2013

Thrice bitten

indian_politicsThe emergence of a non-Congress, non-BJP formation, or the ‘third front’, is not a new concept in the Indian politics. A leftist third front has always existed in the past. In the present situation, the left cannot associate itself with the third front if Mamata is a part of it. Similarly, Nitish and Laloo; Mulayam and Mayawati; Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi will not coexist. The formation of the current third front is partial political compulsion, and partial greed. Continue reading


The (not so) grand old man of BJP


Although a delayed decision, but unlike the dynastic Congress, BJP did stand by its internal democratic principals and went on to choose its PM candidate after much internal debate. But all its glory of being a rock solid organization was put to shame by the fits and tantrums of Mr Advani, who simply failed to realize that external unanimity is as important as internal debates for any given group. However, more than a political debate, the behaviour of Advani raises some very important moral questions. Continue reading

Rules for harmony

farmerOne of the many reasons that make the farming community different from others, is the rules that govern them. Farmers know that when the rains start they have to sow the seeds. Rice seedlings transplanted in the absence of rain will die, and no amount of argument will bring the rains sooner. The rules that govern them are absolute, and in most case, in harmony with nature. They are different from the daily protocols or the moral values which we live by. Continue reading