Lessons to learn from the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is undoubtedly, the most magnificent mausoleum on earth. It indeed is one of the greatest wonders on earth. But history cannot deny the fact that the Taj Mahal is magnificently useless. Taj Mahal shows all that had gone wrong with the Mughal rulers.

It comes as no surprise that Taj Mahal signifies the beginning of the end of the Mughal Empire. It served no purpose except to pamper the ego and whims of an individual. Taj Mahal is a testament to how wealth ceased to be an instrument of production or growth or security of a nation. The Taj Mahal, as it stood in its awesomeness, also attracted colonialists to India. This is a lesson for every society, organization and even individual. When a society starts spending its resources on activities or things that serve no useful function except to pamper to some egos or satisfy some whims, one creates apparent symbols of achievement that one can display with pride. Why not use the same money on something more meaningful, like building a canal, or building educational institutions.

Take the example of JRD Tata, the man who steered Tata Group for decades, who lived in a rented flat throughout his life. He is remembered today for his simplicity and for the institutions that he built. Warren Buffett is another example of such simple living and high thinking. Strength of a person or organization or business enterprise does not come from ostentatious display. It comes from continuously investing in productive activities. A person who spends lakhs in buying a wardrobe full of clothes is any-day weaker than a person who spends the money to buy books, or invests in someone’s education. It is high time we learn from our mistakes.


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