Looking for blood?

Disha, a project by Sankalp, runs a Centralized Blood Stock Information and Management System. It offers a single helpline for all blood requests. Any person searching for blood needs to dial just a single number to find out the closest place where safe blood is available.

No more hunting for blood on streets. No more endless chain mails requesting for blood. Disha is the Sankalp endeavor that has bridged the gap between the needy and the blood available in the blood banks.

This helpline is managed and run by Sankalp India Foundation. Sankalp is a voluntary youth organisation working since 23rd May, 2003. Formed after few students took a resolution to ensure that no one died due to shortage of blood, today the organisation has become a promise for safe blood for all. Run by young working people and college students the organization today is working on three major fronts; to promote 100% voluntary blood donation and raise awareness about the cause; the 24 X 7 helpline for blood; and the emergency team which boasts of never having left a blood request unsatisfied.

Today, any person looking for blood in Karnataka needs to call just a single number 9480044444 to get the blood availability information in the city. On inquiring the person is provided the blood bank’s name, number of units available, the address and the contact number. He/she is also requested to enquire the blood bank before proceeding to ensure that the blood is available.

All said and done, the helpline is of use only when people know about it. Let’s join in and share the word. We can do one of the following-

  • Make “Looking for Blood in Karnataka? Call 9480044444” our status message and signature.
  • Tweet about the helpline and post links to this page.
  • Use Disha Wallpapers available here.
  • Use this image on your website and blogs to raise awareness.
  • Request Disha Stickers for your bike, car, office and other places.
  • Take trips to hospitals in your vicinity and make them aware about helpline.
  • If you are organizing a get together, you could request Disha Team to come and give a small talk/presentation about the helpline.
  • Share the video below through blogs, mails, and social networking sites.

We are the youth of this nation. We are the healthy lot. Let’s join in and bring the blood revolution. Let’s ensure that no one suffers due to shortage of blood by becoming regular blood donors. Let’s ensure no patient begs for blood on streets. Let’s make this networked blood helpline a phenomenon!

Let’s spread the word- Looking for Blood? Call 9480044444


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