Nalanda- the oldest university

Nalanda is undoubtedly the oldest inexistant university in the world. Takshashila was an education center, while Nalanda was a full fledged university. Bologna, the oldest existant university, was initiated in 1088, and Paris, in 1091. Other ancient universities include Oxford, which was established in 1167, and Cambridge, in 1209. Nalanda was established in 427! It is unfortunate that Nalanda does not have a continuous existence, in which case, its status would have reached greater heights.

Nalanda was the heart of Buddhist learning of the world. It was violently destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khilji, in 1193. Nalanda was an internationally renowned centre of higher education in India, which was established in the early fifth century, was ending its continuous existence of more than seven hundred years as Oxford and Cambridge were being founded. Nalanda was more than six hundred years old, when Bologna was even born. Had it not been destroyed and had it managed to survive to this time, Nalanda would be, by a long margin, the oldest existing university in the world.

Well, we cannot change history, but atleast create a new history. I wish the plans to rebuild the lost glory takes shape soon. I wish Mr. Nitish has this in his wishlist too. Establishing a good educational institution in Bihar is a huge need there.


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