Risks of vaccinations

My teacher sri B P Harichandra had presented a seminar on ‘The risks of Vaccinations‘ at XVI All India Homoeopathic Scientific Seminar, 2009. This prestegious seminar was hosted by The Homeopathic Medical Association of India. Recently, he also published a Kannada book on the same issue, titled “Vishadha Soojigalu”.

Click here to view the presentation. Today vaccines are used world over. It is considered to be a tool for increasing resistance to diseases. It is a multi-billion dollar business. Unlike medicines, vaccines are not prescribed by doctors. They are generally, policy driven. A few business minded people sitting in a corner making policies. They are almost blindly adopted all over the world, without much heed to the individual climatic conditions, immunity of people or food habits. This leads to numerous side effects. I don’t want to go into much details. The 140 slides long presentation says it all.

According to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in medicine, most medicines are used to cure something completely different from what the intention was. Side-effects dominate. Vaccines are relatively new and we don’t really know what their long term side effects might be. A small benefit may lead to major loss in the yet-to-unveil future.


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