How to use the R.T.I act?

You may use RTI Act to get work done faster, and what is more, without needing to bribe anyone. Here are some practical examples. I read these examples in the jago party website and felt that they must be shared.

(1) Delay in permission/works etc : Apply under RTI Act to know status of your application. Most probably, some corrupt officer is sitting on your file in expectation of bribes. Your work will be done quickly if you move RTI application. Similarly, you can write to know the status of your complaints.

(2) Inflated fees/taxes/penalties: If you feel you were asked to pay more fees/taxes than presecribed under rules, do not pay it immediately. Ask them to show rules. Keep a copy of presecribed fees for various processes which are available on the web sites. If you have to pay without verification, use RTI Act later to know fee paid by others.

(3) Broken roads: Use RTI Act and ask-

  1. How much money was spent on this road in last two years
  2. Tender copy
  3. name of officer responsible to ensure quality.

Ask what action was taken against the officer and contractor at fault. Similarly you can ask about any services provided by government or government-aided bodies.

(4) Unnecessary Papers: As a part of delaying tactics, some corrupt officers keep on asking unnecessary papers/documents. Use RTI Act to find if these papers are really needed. You can also find out if these papers were collected from earlier applicants.

(5) Check Government records: Using RTI Act, you can visit all government offices and check their records.

Source- Jago


3 responses to “How to use the R.T.I act?

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  2. Hi Sourav,
    Wishes for your Job. Your site sounds quite interesting . I would like to know, where to get RTI forms & is their any separate government office deals with RTI cases?

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