What is the power of written communication?

In dealing with government officials, “written communication” is very important. Instead of complaining or discussing, simply give your complaint in writing. As most of their demands are not supported by laws, once they are forced to commit anything on paper, they will stop harassing you and your work get done very fast without any bribe.

Here are a few examples-

  1. When your work is delayed beyond a reasonable period, send a reminder  to senior officer by registered post/courier.
  2. When they demand extra papers, send it by post. In your covering letter do mention that ‘you wanted this paper’.
  3. If you visit a government office & concerned person is not available, send a letter saying, ‘I visited your office on this day & time and you were not available’.
  4. Always lodge complaints in writing & send to district/state head of that department. Your arguments do not carry any weight, but your written complaints certainly do.

Source- Jago


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