Rajini and Kamal- the two gems of Indian cinema

Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth- stars in the age of bell bottoms, made a mark in the seventies and eighties, dominated the field in the nineties and still continue to rock! They are not just about charm or luck. These actors have been evolving their styles according to fans’ tastes. Rajini and Kamal symbolise two very interesting identities of the south Indian culture. They are all-rounders who are constantly reinventing himself.

On one hand, if Kamal Haasan is expected to fulfil some intellectual requirements of fans, Rajini, on the other hand has the ‘one-among-us’ charm. Fans tend to associate his looks and complexion with a Dravidian identity. Although a more mainstream actor, Rajini, is an idol in many ways. His upcoming from an ordinary poor person to this level will create confidence in millions of young men and women. We must learn simplicity from them and follow and bring it into our life. There will certainly be a space left vacant after Rajini and Kamal retire.

They are the actors who do not believe in superficiality. Kamal, for instance, is forever thirsty for more knowledge on cinema. Rajinikanth puts in tremendous amounts of hard work even today. Rajini and Kamal have come to this level by sheer hard work, and they have received the acknowledgement they well deserve. I hope they use their stature and skills to deliver more meaningful messages through cinema in the years to come.


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