How to apply for the NREGA?

There are many policies by the government, which do not have good help manuals in simple English. The forms issued by the government are often complicated. A common man, unable to understand the laws, often ends up paying hefty bribes to the babus due to their tantrums. I will take this as an opportunity and publish simple help guides to ensure that we are able to help ourselves and the people around us. So here is the process of registering for NREGA and how to get employed by it. In simple language. Read it for the sake of knowledge even if you are not a NREGA applicant. You can always help someone around you.

NREGA is an Act by the government to provide legal guarantee of 100 days of employment in a year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. He/she will get a decent wage, which in any case will not be less than Rs. 60 per day.

To Apply for the NREGA, the applicant must submit an application in his/her gram panchayat. Then they will issue a job card by the applicant’s name within 15 days. The panchayat should verify only two things-

  1. Is the applicant an adult?
  2. Does the applicant belong to same village?

To get employment, the applicant should submit application to the gram panchayat or programme officer at the block office. The demand has to be for at least 14 days of continuous work. The applicant should not forget to take receipt from gram panchayat. The applicant will soon receive a letter from panchayat that will contain information of his/her job. If your job is not within 5 km radius, he/she will get allowance for it. Payment will be given on a weekly basis.

Spread the word. Help people out in your village and vicinity.


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  1. Major fan from this blog, lots of your writes have truly helped me out. Looking forward to updates!

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