The drumroll performance of our MPs

Recently PRS (a website where you can track your MPs) published its list of activity of the MPs in Lok Sabha. They evaluate the performance of our MPs on the basis of the number of debates they have participated in, number of bills introduced by them and the number of questions they have raised. Here is the entire downloadable document. This document reflects how much interest our leaders take in local or national problems. The results are intriguing, indeed.

The top performer is Ananda Rao Adsul from Shiva Sena, Maharashtra. His score is 516, the national average being 115.5. Interestingly, 24 members have a score of zero. They are yet to open their mouth in the Lok Sabha in debates, private bills or raising questions. Their participation is zero when it comes to the democratic path our parliament has laid for us. These 24 members include Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Shibu Soren, amongst many other celebrities.

The attendance of these celebrities are-

  • Rahul Gandhi- 52%
  • Sonia Gandhi- 50%
  • Shibu Soren- 16%

The minimum attendance is 1% by BJP member Baliram Kashyap. The next two are both from DMK and were Ministers, and have a 4% attendance. The national average is 71%, and many dedicated hard-working MPs have an average of even 100%. Well, our college finds us ineligible for next year if our attendance is below 75%. What do we do with these ‘busy’ leaders? What do we do with our respected and celebrated ‘politician of the year‘?


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