Jai Jharkhand!

Jharkhandi music has its own charm. Through out my school days I was in love with a song. I used to play it day and night (also because I had just turned 18)! I heard this song recently after a long time and could not control my emotions. I’d like to share this song with you.

Jharkhand has always been in limelight for wrong reasons. Politically it is the most disturbed state of India. How many other states will have 9 changes in CM, including president’s rule once in 11 years!? All said and done? Well, it is in the hand of the youth of the state to bring in the revolution, the change the state awaits!

Remember my brothers in Jharkhand- you belong to the state of Tilka Manjhi, whose tribal brothers fought the Britishers collectively, much before Mangal Pandey was even born! You are the simplest people in the world, the most innocent, yet the strongest! You my friends, are the change!


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