Rage against the media

Radia tapes and WikiLeaks – where is the media heading? Recently India witnessed two issues where the ethics and integrity of political journalism was called into question. Is the old school unbiased journalism gone forever? Read my latest article on the-NRI


2 responses to “Rage against the media

  1. On the face of it, the documents leaked by WikiLeaks and the Radia tapes may appear unrelated but there is a strong link as the game plan of the corporates across the globe is concerned, which is to economically conquer the world by controlling governments. It hurts that the strong foundation of a nation has shifted from patriotism to money!

    While washing international dirty linen in public, it has also brought out the amusing hypocrisy in world politics. Who would have thought that the Saudi King wanted Iran’s nuclear plants eliminated? Or that Ratan Tata wanted A. Raja as Telecom Minister?

    It is evident that many conferences, summit meetings and visits are only facades, under which lies a labyrinth of deception, double-dealing and cunningness.

    Hillary Clinton recently described India as a “self-appointed front runner” for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council is disturbing. It hurts that our government is making tall and false claims of progress. Let us clean up the mess within before thinking of a greater role in world politics. It is high time the government pulled its socks up and worked towards making India a genuine front runner.

    Jai Hind!

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