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I recently realized that I too suffer from a mania- “Eleutheromania”. What does that mean? It means a frantic zeal for freedom, an urge to be free! To get deeper into this self-analysis, I asked myself the very meaning of the word- ‘freedom’. Freedom does not give me the permission to harm others. But at the same time, it gives me the guts to break the shackles that inhibit me from doing what I know is right, stand up on my own feet and break free! Continue reading


Government and cloud

Who doesn’t find the war of currents fascinating? While Nikola Tesla advocated AC, Edison was adamant over usage of DC as the electricity distribution standards for the United States. Direct Current came first, and was happily adapted during the initial years of electricity distribution. Continue reading

Indian parallel cinema of 1970s

The seventies was a notorious decade in Indian cinema, both parallel and mainstream- as the permissiveness of American cinema had started showing its influence. And fortunately, it was also the period when cinema was taken most seriously and for the good. Atleast the young viewers must not let this era fade away from cellulose. Continue reading

The democratic Internet and extremism

Although Internet is supposedly ‘democratic’ but it has some drawbacks as well. People tend to be more extremist on the net than they are in real life. A radical hindutva dude who wants to destroy Pakistan on the net, in the real world, meekly stays away from the smallest of disputes! The major reason for this is the anonymity that the internet gives to them. They get power without responsibility, and can say whatever they want without the fear of consequences. Isn’t this the greatest drawback of democracy? Continue reading

Inflation- a global perspective

The greatest threat the UPA government faces today is inflation. Inflation of food products was hovering around 20% in December 2009, which is stuck around 16.5% in May 2010. Everyone seems to ask the same question- will this ever stop? Continue reading