Ganga washed away by our sins

Why do Hindus put all their sins, filths, ashes and even the carcasses of his pets in the water of Ganga for getting easy salvation? Why was river Ganga given the divine power absolve sins of all humans? Well, the Gods must be crazy. Didn’t the Gods know, that man’s sin will increase exponentially and one day will come that Ganga will not be able to take it any more? Didn’t he foresee that one day Ganges and many other rivers will be washed away by human sin?

The government recently spent Rs 36,448 crore on cleaning the Ganga, yet by the time it reaches only Benaras, the river turns into a deadly cocktail of groundwater, sewage discharge and spillage from tributaries like the Yamuna and the Betwa. What’s the point in cleaning Ganga and not its tributaries? What’s the reason industries still continue to discharge their garbage into river Ganges? We need to tackle this problem from its root!

Looking at it logically, what if the amount of money that goes into Tirupati in form of donations was used to clean up Ganges? What if the money didn’t go to Tirupati and went straight to an organization that took the responsibility to do so in a transparent and accountable manner? If religion has to be upheld, let’s at-least do for some good cause.

Thus spoke the atheist..


2 responses to “Ganga washed away by our sins

  1. Rightly put sourav… Another thing is if the global warming continues there wont be traces of ganges in few centuries..

  2. This is a dynamite sentiment, even hearing it as an atheist: “! I refuse to go to heaven if it contributes to the death of river Ganges!”

    Excellent post, I hope India follows your advice and makes the painful but healthy decisions needed to heal the Ganges. It’s such a perfect emblem and place to begin a massive greening effort.

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